Average Cost of Heating and Air Conditioning in Toronto and the GTA

Moving to Southern Ontario? Knowing the cost of heating and air conditioning in Toronto and the GTA will help you prepare for the costs of living in your new home.

The Greater Toronto Area includes the City of Toronto and surrounding cities Ajax, Brampton, Burlington, Markham, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oakville, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Uxbridge, Vaughan, and Whitby. In some circles, Hamilton and Stony Creek are also considered a part of the GTA; however, this information pertains primarily to the cities bordering Toronto.

Cost of Air Conditioning in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area

The cost of air conditioning depends on the type of air conditioner used (central air vs. room air conditioners) and the size or cooling capacity of the air conditioner (measured in tons or BTUs per hour).

According to Toronto Hydro, the average monthly costs of running central air conditioning services in Toronto and the GTA is $112.95 for a 2.5-ton unit. Central air systems that rely on a furnace fan to distribute air comes with an addition cost of $27.11 for continuous fan or $6.02 for an intermittent fan.

Room air conditioners (such as window and portable air conditioners) are more affordable, at $28.24 per month or $39.53 per month for a 6,000 or 9,000 BTU unit respectively. However, these types of air conditioners are less powerful and suitable for cooling a single room only.

Cost of Heating in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area

Since the cold season lasts longer than summer, the costs of heating in Toronto and the GTA are typically higher than cooling even during the hottest summers.

There are numerous heating options available in Ontario, including electric, oil, and gas heating, heat exchangers, and block heaters. The average monthly cost of heating varies greatly between these options:

  • Block heater – $8.07 per month
  • Electric heater – $48.41 per month
  • Furnace with intermittent fan – $6.02
  • Furnace with continuous fan – $27.11
  • Oil furnace – $5.38
  • Heat exchanger – $6.86

Reducing Heating and Cooling Costs in Toronto and the GTA

There are many small ways to reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning in Toronto and the GTA. The most effective measure is to install an energy-efficient furnace and air conditioner.

ENERGY STAR-certified central air conditioners use 8% less energy than their standard counterparts. Efficient furnaces are up to 15% more energy efficient than standard furnaces.

Selecting the right size furnace or air conditioner requires an accurate calculation of a home’s heating and cooling loads. This is not a do-it-yourself job. Contact a reliable provider of furnace and central air conditioning services in Toronto and have a technician visit your home for an assessment.