10 Important Things To Bring When Traveling Abroad

Traveling is exciting, especially if you are going somewhere you love and have been planning for. If this is your first time abroad or if you just need a recap of the things you should not forget during the trip then read on!

Here are the 10 important things to bring when traveling abroad:

  1. Medical certificate and prescribed medicine. In case you are on medication, make sure to bring your prescription and some medicines you need. To avoid confusion by the officers in the airline and prevent you from buying or looking just to buy what medicines to take when you need.


  1. Bring and leave a copy of your passport. Consider making a hard and electronic copy of your passport. Always bring a copy with you and leave a copy at home. This is just for emergency Like your passport gets stolen or just lost it.


  1. Passport and Visa. There is some country that doesn’t require a visa but you should always bring your passport with you. Secure it, make sure you have easy access when needing it and never ever give it to anyone.


  1. Money, Debit, and Visa Card. For the money, just bring the allowable Know also the conversion rate of the country you are going too. Have your money exchange when you reach your destination. Local cash comes in handy. Make sure your credit or debit card will work in the country you’re visiting. Get EMV card for hassle free transaction abroad.


  1. Plane Ticket. Must be a round trip. So you know when to leave and come back to your country.


  1. Buy guidebooks. It includes the map, keywords or phrases used in a certain country, enough details to save you on the things you don’t know. Also, download the apps needed before going abroad. To prevent downloading charges to your wireless provider.


  1. Plan ahead of time. Your place to stay, places you wanted to visit in that country, the best events happening during your stay and a few national dishes you want to try. To max out and fully enjoy your stay in a specific country.


  1. Always bring your mobile phone for communication purposes, apps you use and social media. Charger, extra battery and power bank to prevent a low battery. Camera, to capture all the places, food and many more during your travel.


  1. Pack your personal belongings. Toiletries, clothes, undergarments, shoes, sandals, slippers, blower or straightener and only necessities you need to bring. Remember to pack light. Separate your hand carry to your check-in Make sure you have all you need in your hand carry.


  1. It’s fun when you have food in your stomach while traveling. The hungry feeling will make your trip unlikely happy. Also, it can make sure to bring candy. Candy relieve stomach sickness (acidity).